Women Trafficking – Where is Social Justice?

Trafficking mean doing something illegal.

Century back Woman was compared to GOD because only females have the power to give birth to a new life – a new generation – a new future. In those times every one respected them, obeyed them but as the time is flying woman is loosing her respect, her worth, her existence. Today woman is treated like a toy – feeling less, emotionless the one to whom men play and then throw them just like broken toys. She is treated as an entertainment piece.

Men think women as their own property to which they can use without caring their feeling and also without their permission. Girls are being kidnapped and are sexually and mentally harassed. Women in India is facing atrocities such as rape, acid throwing, dowry killings, Women trafficking, forced prostitution of young girls. Women Trafficking is one of the serious problem from all these.

Women Trafficking

Trafficking in persons is selling of persons mainly women by the means of fraud – by treating people or giving certain types of greed’s and then either sells them or makes them slave for their remaining life for the purpose of exploitation. Women trafficking are illegal but still people are illegally trafficked through India for sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery and also for removal of organs. People engaged in this illegal process think women as their slave. They sell them and some of them are forced to become prostitution and some are forced to do illegal works like selling of drugs to young boys and girls and destroy our future, our generation by making them drug addicted.

So trafficking is an evil that is causing other problems like prostitution, slavery, and also selling of organs in foreign. Trafficked women are somehow themselves responsible for what happened to them. Girls in the prostitution are those who have been trafficked themselves. Girls easily trust people; they become friendly with unknown persons and share their personal information with them without knowing their intentions, without knowing the purpose of their so friendly nature. They came into the trap of their sweet talks and before they realize this they are already in danger – in the prostitution. Some of them are sold and some are sent to foreign countries where they are forced to work like slaves. Even some of them are killed and their body organs are then sold their for the sake of money.

That happens due to the carelessness of us. Girls have to be extra careful while talking to unknown persons. If some one is trying to manipulating them then they must tell their family about this so that they handle them before any danger or before any loss happen. Never hide things from your parents. They are our true well wishers. This also happen because of the selfishness nature of human being. If human would have been respected each others feelings them this would never have been happened.

We never realize others pains until the same happened to us. The one who are in this business are also human being, they also have families then how can they do such with others. This is just because of human’s selfish nature they do these evils. Our humanity is somewhere lost.

I don’t understand how someone who has their own family – a mother, a sister, a daughter can do such an evil work.

How can they sell other women?

They never think how they will feel when the same happen to their family. How some one can be so selfish and feeling less? Our Government has taken steps against all this. Under Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (IPTA) a penalty ranging from 7 years to life imprisonment is prescribed. Also for kidnapping and selling of minor children 10 year imprisonment and also fine is charged. But this is not sufficient we have to be careful. Alone government cannot fight against these evils. We also have to fight and teach our children to be extra careful and not to talk to unknown persons. Parents have to be friendly with their children so that they don’t hesitate about talking their problems to them.

Teach boys to respect girls as they are the creator of this world, as they are the reason for their existence in this world. Government rules along with our support can finish these evils from our world. So support government and give right education to your children.

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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3 Responses

  1. Shilpi Dutta says:

    Despite the fact that there are several measures/acts against trafficking, it hasn’t stopped til date. Sadly it exists in many countries and so many girls trapped, dying a slow death each day.

    • Kundan Srivastava says:

      Ms. Shilpi Dutta – Society prepares the crime; The Criminal Commits it. When Society will change than Crime will automatically finished. We are trying to change the Societies. Thanks !

  2. Randy says:

    Posts like this make the innretet such a treasure trove

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