I am a woman not a slave – Where is my right to freedom ?

Do women marry any man to make hers own life a hell?

India has became a home of violence and crime against women and our government is still not paying heed towards process of empowering Women in India. They just don’t care to change anything accept those who suffer from this. Women in India are those souls who born to suffer most unbearable pain of wounds like sexual harassment, rape, forced prostitution, dowry deaths, acid attacks and honor killings. Today i want to share with you some views on life of a women and worst culture and custom of our society – Marriage, which has made life of most of women a living death. Most of the violence and injustice done with women are related to marriage. In India, there is male dominated culture and It is the essence of major injustice with women.

Women Violence

In some society, parents don’t want a girl child because one day they have to spend a lot of money in her marriage and dowry. That is why they prefer to have a boy rather then a girl. These result in low sex ratio and killing of girl child after birth. ”India has one of the lowest se ratios with 35 million women ”missing”.  Most of parents do not let a girl study and get a higher education Just because after marriage a girl moves out at her in-laws place.Indian society believes that educating a son takes precedence over daughter while allocating family resources.  In my views, its not marriage it’s a ”suicide” which every parents forces a girl to commit. A woman leaves her lovable home in which she started breathing and in return what she gets is – her husband and her in-laws demands money to let her breath in a cage like house environment which they will made for her without any freedom, peace and love.

Doing marriage for her is like inviting a man and his parents to snatch her freedom of life to breath and to hurt her deeply that her heartbeats scream every moment. This is the truth of marriage for a woman of Indian society. Getting married in Indian society for women is not only Sacrificing her life but committing Suicide. A suicide for which her in-laws will treat her like a criminal & a servant of whole life.Then she will work for them 24-7 and in return she will die of dowry deaths, Bride burning,household violence, cruelty by husband and in-laws.

Child Violence

The society takes even every possible high cost for marriage from your parents to lock you in their house and then to treat you like a slave. Yes, society is treating us like a slave, like a criminal, like a useless animal, like a material of their use and this all is happening because we let them treat as they want, we let them hurt ourselves and only we ourselves can stop this. Last year on average 22 women were killed per day beacause their families could not meet dowry demands. The list of violence against women is unlimited – sex-selective abortion, female infanticide,child marriage, female genital mutilation, forced prostitution and pornography, dating and courtship violence,economically coerced sex, sexual violence in work place,partner violence,marital rape, dowry abuse and murders, abuse women with disabilities,forced pregnancy, forced ”suicide” or homicide of widows for economic reason, sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

There are unlimited violent acts committed against women not only in India but in every country of the world.  In every part of world, Women are going through death-like pain in their life. Those women who died of this violence are the one who finally got relief from the pain and those who are alive are living death in their endless pain.

”Stop being VICTIM and Take charge!” 

You are not week to fight against these heartless people. Of course, God will never forgive them for their brutality. But you should also not suffer the injustice they are doing with you. This time show them that we are not going to suffer any more.

”The era of freedom has come for women and the society can’t stop us to fly this time. ”

Don’t let them make you a slave. You is a free-being and nobody has the right to snatch your freedom from you. The society considers women A weaker sex, lets make them all bow on their knees. Let’s start the moment of freedom, show them that we have the ultimate strength. If we have the power to tolerate the unbearable and painful violence and injustice they do with us every single day then we also have the power to fight against all them till our last breath.

‘‘We will not stop until you stop your cruelty. We want our rights back!’

We want our FREEDOM and we are going to take it back forever this time. I say that No women will suffer pain of being women in any society this time. I say that STAND UP & DECLARE YOUR OWN FREEDOM. You are not free until you don’t want to be, the moment you desire to get freedom, you start being free.  So lets start a moment of Inner FREEDOM first and then it will come outside too. To live with freedom is our right. Do not think that we are begging for freedom, we are asking for it because freedom is our right, our own nature and our real essence of feeling alive in this world. Freedom is our very own right and we are going to attain it back.  Listen, I am the real voice of your pain and your broken desire coming wounded with endless power and boundless freedom to make you free from this society which have been ruling on your own life and making you its slave since decades.


Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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  1. Adarsh says:

    very heart touching

  2. There are new laws formed by SC related to Rape (Pre and Post Nirbhaya Case), Sexual harassment at work place, Assault,

    Eve-teasing, Stalking, Voyeurism, Domestic violence, Acid attack, Kidnapping, Obscene acts by men, Trafficking and

    Prostitution, Marriage, Prevention of Sexual abuse against children (POCSO), Rights in immovable property etc. To get more

    information in detail you must go through this wonderful book.


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