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Is this possible that a woman got freedom in the fearful environment?

Freedom means something different to each of us. Freedom means the right to act, speak, or think as one wants. It is also a state of self-control or self-ownership in which each and every person has legal right to speak and act freely. According to me freedom doesn’t happen itself, it happens when we design the path of freedom. Freedom for woman doesn’t mean just to say and act freely, it means to a woman more than that. She want the clean and quiet place, a place where is equality in gender, where people live and let others live also, a place of friendship, a place full of positive thoughts, a place where she is safe, a place where she can walk alone freely without any fear. In older times woman was not allowed to go outside, was not allowed to talk to others, was not allowed to speak in front of others, and even not allowed to give her views on different things. Her marriage was done by her parents without knowing her wish and if she was not happy in her married life then also

She was forced to life that life. The war between freedom and protection of woman arises a question whether the today’s woman actually have more freedom than their ancient time sisters. Today’s women got freedom of giving her point of view, she is free to choose her life partner, and also she can go outside and talk to people. After 18, she can take her decisions by own. She can marry to anyone and if she is not happy in her married life then she had a option of divorce and remarriage. Still she is like a bird in a cage because she is not safe; Men treat them as feeling less toys and harass them mentally as well as physically. More important than freedom of thought is to think free. Woman has freedom to think but she can’t think freely till she is not safe, till she is treated not as equal as men. From this again a question arises that has woman’s freedom responsible for her bad condition? Has this freedom created another cage for women? Has not women is continuously fallen into an invisible trap? Is this possible that a woman got freedom in the fearful environment?

Modern woman is free to choose, to make decisions but the question is that is she happy with this freedom? Is she safe or she has to worry about her safety? Freedom which gives us tears, which make us unhappy, is of no use. According to me, today’s woman is in a same condition as their ancient sisters. The difference is that the shape and colour of bondage gets changed. Woman is paying for the freedom she gets till now by her tears, by her blood and by her emotions. In this modern time, there is no value of woman’s tears, feelings, emotions and also her blood. She is just a body to whom other use. So ultimately this freedom is doing degradation of woman in all aspects. When woman will get total freedom is a question to which no one can answer. When woman will get rid of all this degradation no one can say anything about this. Still she is hoping she will get succeed some day and will get her right of freedom.

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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