Why Rapes happens in India – Who is really to Blame?

It’s definitely not because of the perfumes that Girls use or the noodles that Boys have. 

We Indians have quite a different approach towards the reasons of rape. Most of the time it’s the fault of the female who is getting raped either because of the dress that she was wearing or because of the timings that she chooses while going out. Honestly, just ask yourself if it really works that ways? Is it that the females who stay at home don’t get raped? Or the woman who wears saree is safe? However, since most of the rape cases take place behind the doors. We can’t blame the dressing style of a woman. It’s more about a foolish man’s ego to prove he is more powerful.

Rape happens in India

Well! We feel that the basic problem is in the roots. The way how the males of our society are bought up, from the very initial stage they are taught that they are the superior one and the only job of a female is to stay back home in Parda and cook for them. It’s high time that we need to realize that there is a problem how the males of our society are bought up. We need to take the initiative to teach the kids of our family that how should they treat a woman. Our society needs to understand that even if a female walks out nude by her free will that doesn’t give them the leverage to rape her. Why do we forget that women are also human? They too have a right to follow their will to fulfill their dreams.

They say “why a woman goes out late night, it’s obvious that the consequence will be rape”….NOOO…. it is not an obvious consequence. What if she is a journalist? Or what if she needs to rush to the hospital? Its wholly and solely because of the mindset of the rapists which is accompanied by the non-sense comments of some high profiled ministers like “Jawani Mein Galtiyan Ho Jati Hai”… but I wish to put this question forward that what if Ye Jawani Ki Galti would have happened with your wife, daughter, sister or even daughter in law? I am sure that you wouldn’t have reacted in this manner.

Rape crime in India

Guys that are the point just imagine you blood boils if someone looks at your sisters with hounding eyes but think about the time when you do the same with other females. One more reason that I can point out is the laws of our country though it has improved quite a lot since the Damini rape case but its implication is still doubtful.

So, it’s my sincere request to the males of our country to respect woman nobody is stopping you from approaching a girl with a pure intention or falling in love but remember it can’t be forced and if it is then its RAPE. It’s a matter of shame for the people of India who worship goddess Durga and Saraswati.

Post the Delhi rape case which gave a negative publicity to our country at international platform to such extend that the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women requested Indian government to take every possible step towards the security of women in our country. Justice J.S Verma during his lifetime gave a very precious committee report on sexual assault cases which entirely changed the punishments for the harassment under criminal law known as The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013. Thankfully it has also been passed at both the levels of parliament. The points which make the current law better than the previous one is that it covers offences like Attempt to acid attack, acid attack, sexual harassment, Act with intent to disrobe a woman, Voyeurism and even stalking. Though many suggestions of the committee, have not been taken into consideration still the laws have become better. Now, we need to see if it will actually help the security of the females or not.

Every Girl in pain is begging you, let me live. Why we badly behave with Rape victims and Society force them to commit suicide. Living life is one’s fundamental rights then why Girls beg for this?

I feel it’s our responsibility to make our kids morally strong and make this society safe for daughters, mothers and sisters in India. 

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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7 Responses

  1. alka singh says:

    Well done Kundan

  2. kabir says:

    Well written Kundan thought provoking

    • Kundan Srivastava says:

      Thankyou so much Bhaiya ! I had seen your FUGLY movie more than 5 times and feel better for a cause. Bhaiya my Novel is launching soon and it’s all about social issues.

  3. Alisha says:

    Hi Kundan,
    Well written article, you have judged the situation very correctly.
    Nowadays movies also influence the mentality of young boys very badly.
    Here our sensor board has to work very cautiously any thing which promote sex badly should be removed.

    • Hi Alisha,

      Thanks for appreciation. I believe everyone should to contribute towards better India and Rape free India. We can’t blame to movies, societies because evilness and goodness all doing by human being. I can say worst mind people should to change themselves.

  4. The sex ratio of India i read somewhere is 84 women for 100 men . So There are 163 million men without women . How do you think men will use their natures beauty or how do you expect them to use their natures beauty just like earth quake and hurricane and tornadoes and beauty in their matured body.One of the other reasons are the sati culture existed for thousands of years and discouraging girl child . Find out who is responsible for this imbalance and let them and their descendant know to abstain from marrying or mating which is one of the many other ways to avoid rapes .

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