Have we lost our humanity? NOT AS OF YET!

‘What should I do?’ is usually the first thought of a girl whose scooter stopped working in the middle of a lonely road.

This girl, a student of science was returning from her college after submitting her exam paper. Other students were still writing their paper. She got her scooter out of the main gate and took the long straight road ahead. The road covered at least 3 km distance . It had a sweet shop and a mechanic shop in its starting. After crossing that road she turned right and strolled through the next long road. Suddenly her dupatta went unknotted and she had to stop her scooter to adjust it. After taking care of the duppatta she tried to start her scooter, but couldn’t do it in the first time. She started it again and again but the vehicle didn’t start. Only after 5 minutes, she noticed that petrol pipe was leaking and every time she tried to start her scooter, even more and more, petrol would leak. She was in great distress.

She looked for help here and there but couldn’t see anyone nearby.  It was a lonely road and no one was there. She was frightened and had no source of help.

A Girl Riding Scooter on Dark Road

Then after some time she saw a rickshaw wala passed through. She waved him to stop and he stopped. Although she was in a jiffy but she didn’t have any other option rather than asking that rikshaw wala for help. The girl explained her situation to him. She was doubtful whether that rikshaw wala would not help her or not as her college was near and he could have  picked up 6 college students at once instead of a single girl, but contradictory to her expectations he agreed to help her. She locked her scooter and went to the mechanic near her college but the mechanic refused to send a person to repair scooter. Then the same rikshaw wala took the girl to another mechanic and finally got assistance for her. He didn’t charge her a penny and instead offered her money in case she was short of it. It was a sheer surprise indeed.

Yes, such people still exist in our society and they are not a minority, in fact, they are all around us. We listen every now and then that our society is intolerable and girls are not safe. Indian society is being  blamed for losing his values and morals. People don’t  help each other; they manipulate others for their own profits.

But is this true?  Does nobody really doesn’t care about each other?

All of us have a peripatetic life. Every day we come across different kind of people in college , school , colleagues, travelers etc. It is not difficult to figure out the statistics that most of them try to maintain their dignity by protecting their values and morals. We are also one of them. Just like the story above all of us face such situations which are an eye opener for us that if we are not immoral by mind then people like us also exist. There are also people who believe in helping others, who share the pain of others. But still, all the news which is hyped about is bad stuff.

If good people still exist, their tales must also be told. Good news should also be spread. Who knows that spreading good deeds of may affect people for good. And somehow this may bring a little change even tiniest of the bit in society. Change may be less but for a large population like us less is also more.

So, instead of just cursing our nation for all the wrong deeds and people being egocentric we must twinkle the positive aspects and spread the good anecdotes too.

Written By: Haman Mahal, Edited By: Chitrangi Sharma

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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