Violence against women in India – India is sitting on a Time-Bomb

Raise your voice against women violence including Rape, Marital Rape, Gang Rape, Female Infanticide, Acid Attack, Dowry Death, Honor Killings, Abduction, Human Trafficking, Forced Prostitution and don’t rest until it stops. 

We have been hearing that a woman has several forms and has many qualities. They are often appreciated for their tremendous patience and somewhere it has become a great reason for their exploitation. This world has been male dominant since time in memorial there have been plethora of incidence where women were treated badly. Even today the women of our families are supposed to mold all their decisions as per the convenience of the males of our families. Why is it so that in our country still there are cases where females are ill treated not just mentally but also physically? The legislature of our country has time and again tried making effective law in order to neutralize the dominant position of males. Physically harming a woman is a punishable offence.

Violence against women in India

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However, these laws have not been completely successful in reducing the violence against woman of the Indian society. It’s a matter of shame that where we worship goddess Durga for prosperity, goddess Saraswati for education and goddess Laxmi for wealth. We fail to respect the woman of our own house. How can the males not think a hundred times before daring to raise their hands on their respective wives?  It’s high time that the male community realizes that a lady gives her entire life in making his and his family’s life easy; she is someone who works 24×7, 365 days for your health and prosperity. How can anyone even think of hurting someone who cares so much for them?

Women Violence

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We all know it, what goes on at your neighbor’s house, why every second day the lady next door can be seen with a fresh injury? However, none of us dares to take a step forwards and raise a voice against it. We all need to understand that the lady who is facing the violence could have been our sister or mother. The women of our country are treated so badly that sometimes this violence even result as their death. Till when will India live like this? When will it end? When will the sun of respecting the woman rise in our country? Forget about technological developments. India will never be able to become a better nation until we’ll start respecting the women of our country.

Moreover, the females also need to work in this direction. They also need to have zero tolerance for violence else the violence shall continue. If you won’t help yourself, you can’t expect other’s to help you. Get up and raise your voice against the wrong being done to you and trust me when I say if you would do that the person would never dare to harm you again because he would know that if a woman can love like Parvati then she also has the courage of  taking revenge like Kali.

Raise your voice against violence and don’t rest until it stops!

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO '' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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  1. nishat says:

    Girls since there childhood are taught that they should tolerate its like “ladkiyon ko to sasural Mein sehna hi padta hai, tabhi basenge inke ghar” and ” 2- 4 seh lo fir badal jaenge din” and how will a girl dare to stand for herself, and if she dares people start popularising that she is having an affair that’s why she left our house and she is blaming us, we quite people. But ur effort is amazing…..

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