Triple Talaq; How long Women will be subjected to such inferior treatment?

She is a Woman, She is a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister.She is a person too, She is Passionate, Courageous, Generous. Cooking barefoot is only one of her superpower. She has brains and she knows how to use it but she lets you lead Why? Because she respects you. She believes in you. She will nurture you, Fight for you, Raise you will all her blood and sweat she deserves nothing less than respect.

Life is like a car, which works perfectly only when all the wheels does their job of balancing the car likewise. Same way husband and wife are like wheels of a car and none of them is inferior to the other counterpart.

Our society is a unique arrangement bordered by different religions, people, and their practices. We encounter several incidents related to unequal treatment among different sects, but one thing which is common is, the victim being women. One such phenomenon is ‘Triple Talaq’.

Source: The Quint

Source: The Quint

In general, it is meant that ‘Triple Talaq’ is a tradition that allows men to divorce their wives just by saying the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. They can do this if they have found their wife guilty in the terms unacceptable for them. In one of the recent case, the reason for ‘Talaq’ was that husband didn’t like his wife anymore. 

What we are generally coming across as divorce between a Muslim couple is a husband saying ‘Talaq’ thrice and the divorce is done.

 But this is not utterly accurate.

According to ‘Quran’, the word must be said thrice but with some time difference. Saying ‘Talaq’ thrice in one sitting is not considered a divorce according to ‘Quran’. A Man has to wait for 3 menstrual periods before letting his wife go. But the practice of ‘Talaq’ in a single sitting is legal in many Islamic countries and practiced in Saudi Arabia too.

Recent cases of ‘Triple Talaq’ in India has created a huge fuss about this topic. Muslim women can also plead for divorce but only if they have that clause in their marriage contract. Only some modern Islamic countries permit a divorce in this form.

This whole concern is a clear case of inequality and injustice. Getting divorced because your husband doesn’t like you anymore is absolutely unacceptable. It is like treating your wife like some kind of toy that you throw as soon as you get bored of it. A woman whether it is of any religion is not a mere accessory rather a living creature. How could the Muslim clerics and other supporters justify this system by giving any reasons whatsoever? We cannot avoid this off beam practice by merely saying that it is accepted in the Muslim religion. We are members of a civil society and such things keep on happen in front of us then it is a sheer shame. We cannot just close our eyes for any wrongdoing in the name of religion. And as elaborated above even the religion doesn’t permit this phenomenon.

There are more than 20 countries where ‘Triple Talaq’ is banned including Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is a large question that how could this tradition survives for such a long time in a country like India, where the right to equality is a fundamental right.

But it’s better to be late than never. Let’s hope that soon this practice gets legally banned in our country and our Muslim sisters not linger under the pressure of sudden divorces and can carry on their marital lives happily.


Written By: Haman Mahal

Kundan Srivastava

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