The Future of India is Dark – Authorities turn a deaf ear to patient in dire need

It’s our responsibility to ask the government, is it really difficult to get a Kidney for a Dying Child?

With the New Year 2014, where the Janlokpal Bill has already been passed, India is still old India without emotions, without honesty and no respect. India is growing day by day in to a corrupt nation governed with bribery and dishonesty. There are many political parties in India that claim to make India a developed Nation, educated and bribery free. As we think India is only being divided into parts based on religion, politics, castes, terrorism, crime and status. We always see in media and newspapers that many political parties claim that they will serve the poor, work with them and let them live better. But is that true?

Real picture of Rohit Mishra

A lady called us few days back, she told us that she got the number through She told us the story of a ten years boy named Rohit Mishra who lives in Delhi. Childhood is the best gift created by God, but for Rohit it’s not the case. He is begging for his life while the authorities in AIIMS have turned a deaf ear to a patient in dire need of a kidney transplant. He was admitted to Paediatrics, Nephrology department under treatment of Mr. Arvind Bagga (HOD) but when we spoke to authorities department, They were told that HOD was not present and he will be on leave for some days. Pankaj Hari (Asst. HOD) also refused to talk with us.

There is no hope alive, what should we do to help this child. As far as we are concerned, for us every child is the future of our Nation. Food, education and medical treatment is their basic right. Be in Humanity Foundation has contributed to more than 50 organ donations to that ORBO department, AIIMS but when Rohit is in great need of a kidney they refused and only awarded us with abuses.

Real picture of Rohit Mishra

Rohit Mishra is a child who doesn’t know about government and its system. When we got to his mother, she told us about the feelings this teenager had about our nation. He is proud child of our nation and part of the future of our nation. Rohit is bed-ridden from the last month and asking to every citizen’s in India to save his life. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, New Delhi Chief Minister vows to halt corruption. Organ transplantation is a boon to medical science as it has helps in saving lives of those who would have died otherwise.

Even if we get the Lokpal bill passed and get a good government in Delhi but still there are many issues can’t be solved by these things and the attitude of various departments towards the pain of citizen is one of them. We all people need to fight for this Child. It’s our responsibility to ask the government, is it really difficult to get a Kidney for a Dying Child?

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO '' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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