This dog asked for love but got cruelty in return! An immediate need for stricter animal cruelty laws!

The dog asked for nothing except love and this is what this shameless man handed in return: An immediate need for stricter animal cruelty laws!

I once had a dog. but still she always use to be with me. She was a bitch who use to roam around our house, to be more precise a “Stray dog“. I gave her a chapati one day and then she came the next day and I did the same. It became our everyday ritual and whenever she saw me she came running towards me wagging her tail. Gradually she started sitting in front of my house and then made our porch her permanent home. Now I get to see her the first thing in the morning. She would welcome me as soon as I stepped outside the house with her innocent face and endearing eyes. Whenever I go someplace nearby she use to follow me with much elan. Not only this her friends from the lane also use to come with her.

When people saw this they joked that have you appointed these dogs as your bodyguards? They advised me ” if you love dogs so much why don’t you get a foreign breed dog like a Labrador or a German Shepard?” But this idea doesn’t quite intrigue me. For me, the selfless love of my so called “Stray dog” was more cherished. By the time I named her “Blacky” since she was black colored. One day while I returned back from college I was in a particularly bad mood due to some incident. As soon as I entered the house “Blacky” came running to me but since I was already irritated I shooed her away but she didn’t go so I threw my footwear at her which hit her and she shrieked with pain.

Saurabh Dukhande

This heartless man ‘Saurabh Dukhande’ runs over stray dog for peeing on his car.

I went inside the house in a fit of rage and after an hour or so when I came back to my senses I felt guilty for what I did and went outside to look out for her. As soon as I stepped outside the house “Blacky” came running to me like nothing had happened. I saw her selfless love and cried out of guilt. As tears start to flow out of my eyes, she looked at me with her innocent eyes and gingerly licked my hand. I patted her head and stroked her neck. And suddenly this world seemed like a better place to me. Our connotation continued for 6 more years and afterward, I got married and  shifted to another house in some other locality. I cried a lot but couldn’t take her with me. When I came back after a week I came to know that she passed away the same morning. I couldn’t believe my ears. Such was the depth of our bond that she died just a week after our separation.

People use the term “Dog” and “Bitch” as an abuse but actually, they are better than supposed human beings. I am blabbering about this otherwise meaningless incident because yesterday as I logged on to my Facebook page I saw a video in which a man mercilessly ran over his car onto a stray dog. It literally  traumatized me and made me go numb. Every time I saw that dog crying in pain face of my “Blacky” resurfaced in front of my eyes.

The whole incident was caught on CCTV footage. The name of the man in question was “Saurabh Dukhande“. As the man hit the dog and left him in agonizing pain, the other dogs soon came to its rescue. And this sorry excuse of a human being “Dukhande” behaved in such a demonic way that even demons will be ashamed.

CCTV footage of a heartless man ‘Saurabh Dukhande’ took revenge on this hapless dog and ran his car over him.

When probed further it was revealed that “Dukhande” did this heinous act to punish the dog because it peed on its car. I mean seriously? Gosh!  Even a common person know that dogs do this act to mark their territory. But this man didn’t even flinch to ran over his car on that poor dog who couldn’t even anticipate what was about to happen and practically do nothing to save itself. In another incident, A 22-year-old man was arrested for having unnatural sex with a dog and killing her. A few days back a medical student threw a dog from the terrace of a multi-storied building. These incidents put my head down out of shame. Where is humanity heading? What are we putting up with in our society?

Even after performing such barbaric acts the accused will be out on bail soon as there is no stringent punishment under our Indian laws  when it comes to animal cruelty. It’s high time these laws need to be amended and stricter punishment for persons involved in animal cruelty should be meted out.

But above all the foremost sine qua non is changing our mindset. Stray dogs or any stray animal for that matter are also a part of our World. As God created us the same way he created these animals too, these Stray dogs too to coexist peacefully in this universe. A dog expects nothing from us and in returns caters us to our whims and fancies of love and affection. Just look at its innocent eyes for once and you will see so much warmth and innocence.

” My dog used to gaze at me,
paying me the attention I need,
the attention required
to make a vain person like me understand
that, being a dog, he was wasting time,
but, with those eyes so much purer than mine,
he’d keep on gazing at me
with a look that reserved for me alone
all his sweet and shaggy life,
always near me, never troubling me,
and asking nothing”.

Pablo neruda

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in south Hyderabad for allegedly having unnatural sex with a dog who was found dead. The police is investigating whether the man, identified as ‘Aslam Khan’, strangled the animal, or if she died during the act. NDTV


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