Teach your daughters if some body calls them “Maal” or “Patola” its a compliment nothing more – Shameful

People like us are trying to get Women’s and Girl’s honor. On the other hand country’s media Hindustan Times tries to give a new dimension to Women’s Empowerment.

What are we teaching our students here, Hindustan Times? That it is okay to call women “MAAL” and “PATOLA” on a national publication?

Naya Maal Award in DU by HT Media

Image: HT City

The lead story on Hindustan Times HT City edition reads, “Naya Maal award goes to.”

What’s even more disturbing is that DU Girls are fighting to win this supposed title in the HT City-Fever 104 FM Campus Ka Mahayudh event. The event has other prestigious awards that students are vying to win.

Naya Maal and Patola Award in Delhi for Girls

Image: HT City

At a time when we are striving to spread awareness against objectifying women, these shameful headlines and this derogatory contest just takes the movement a step back.

It’s a done deal. I guarantee you. Make sure to adjust with these new names and please teach your daughters if some body calls them “Maal” or “Patola” its a compliment nothing more. #‎Shameful‬

I would appeal Women and Girls to speak and raise their voice for Womanhood and stop participating  in such events.

– Kundan Srivastava

Source: Facebook

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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