Skirts do not cause Rape – Sick mentality Does

I won’t name out any particular, but many individuals believe that following western culture brings rape cases to India. They say that western clothes, particularly skirts are the most responsible tool for provoking rape incidents. It’s not the true scene, It’s the mindset, the sick mentality which provokes rape incidents.

Minister Suryadharma Ali, leader of the new anti-porn task force in Indonesia, has blamed women who wear mini-skirts for the increase of rape in the country. Kundan Srivastava says - Mr. Ali mini-skirts should not be banned and clothing does not cause rape. Please clean your mind !

INDIA – A name which doesn’t needs any introduction. It’s a one single word which itself is a perfect definition of thousand or let me correct myself, millions of culture, tradition, simplicity, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, ideals, brilliance, intelligence, power and many more. Being a regular writer, framing articles and other contents on different subjects, technologies and current happenings are a normal routine for me. When I sit to define any subject, my fingers simply dance on my laptop’s keyboard like a tap dancer is left alone to rejoice his talent. But today, when I am intending to define India, my fingers have gone numb. Believe me, I am receiving so many thoughts in my head but I don’t know how to explain in a few words what India means to me. I suppose that no one, even the masters of writing industry can define India in words.

Rape in India

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We, the Indians are so proud of our country. We love to promote our unity, peace, tradition, cultures and values wherever we go. Promoting our values, tradition & culture, makes us feel bigger, better and stronger. We simply try to leave out all the unwanted happenings & issues by looking over the positive sides. I really don’t mean that India is the only country facing various problems and issues or promoting the positive is a wrong practice. But, do we really care about our integrity, our values, our traditions, our culture and most important our respect?

Short skirts are leading cause of Rape - A Congress leader in Madhya Pradesh Said,  No man will harass a woman till she looks at him in a suggestive manner," Satyadev Katare, a former minister, said at a Congress rally in Bhind district. Kundan Srivastava says - How Sordid your thoughts.

In India, Durga, the goddess of Shakti (power) is worshiped as a mother. Durga, our mother is invincible. Every female in our country is resembled to Durga, who is taken as the most powerful of all in the universe. We can see a shadow of Durga in our mother, sister, female friend and even our life partner. But I really want to ask you a question; do you really worship Durga from your spirit? Do you truly respect her? I know, you all will say yes. You might also think that I am trying to act extra smart with my words.

Rape Victims in India

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We all don’t want India to be called as a ‘developing country’. Rather, we want it to be named as a ‘Developed Country’. But my dear friends, does living in a grand home, travelling in business class, owning a Ferrari and earning billions or trillions per year can really make us developed? Believe me; you would again say a Yes! For a common man, owning a home, sedan car, staying in a five star hotel defines a development. But how can we say that we are modern and socially developed when our Durga is really not respected in our own country? When you would be reading this, maybe a woman in the country would be facing molestation in her home. When you would be entertaining yourself in a nearby disco this weekend, a girl in your city might be facing an assault.

How can we call it a complete development, when our female population is not safe in our own country? How can we call ourselves as a superpower state, when a mother is not sure whether her daughter will return home safely or not? How can we call ourselves socially advanced, when a girl faces an acid attack on the way to her college? And how we can say that every woman is a Durga, when she faces molestation by her in-laws for dowry?

There have been some unbelievable and shocking rape and other molestation incidents in our country in the last few years. This not only conveys a threat on the loyalties of our values and culture, but also presents a negative image of our nation on the planetary stage. I won’t name out any particular, but many individuals believe that following western culture brings rape cases to India. They say that western clothes, particularly skirts are the most responsible tool for provoking rape incidents. It is not the true scene my dear friends. It is the mindset, the sick mentality which provokes rape incidents.

In western countries, the majority of females wear skirts and even something lesser to skirts also in the public places particularly the beaches. But they are not treated as a porn material there. The dress and the culture they follow is not an invitation for somebody to come and spoil them. It is the mindset and high quality mentality which causes the female population feel safer in their country. I don’t mean that there are no rape and other type of molestation cases in the western countries. But they are not being violated every second. In India, a young woman is being violated every minute with the eyes, the words and the actions of a sick mental male.

I am not truly eligible to comment anything on our system; neither have I wanted to disrespect anyone’s feelings with this article. What I really want to focus is that, it is us who are responsible for making our nation a better place. I want your support and contribution in making my country a safer place for females to live. A country where no one is being raped, no girl faces an acid attack, no women is burnt for dowry and no female population gets any type of molestation. I want to make India, a country, where every female is left free to enjoy the powers of Durga. And in return, she gets the true worship and respect for which she is eligible.

Trust me; your smallest contribution can make things really good for our country.

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO '' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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11 Responses

  1. Bhawya says:

    U expressed nicely.. It s essential topic.. Good Post.

  2. Malika Rani says:

    Eye opening post.
    Good job 🙂

  3. Prerna Gupta says:

    I like this post really, Sick mentality people should to clean theirs mind

  4. sushil bajaj says:

    You are right Kundan….we need to change the mindset. For that it is very important to give the right kind of upbringing to our children, at home and at school.

  5. shreya says:

    Very nicely justified points. I still wonder what is the benefit of this rape business do the people get???? No answer yet.

  6. Sukantt Kumar Sahu says:

    Maximum rape is going on in the name of God… In al most all religions threre is a sentence — Guru is God (Guru skshyat param brahma….. Guru aur God ek hey…..etc etc..). Using this line.. all sick mentality people act like Guru and running their cunning cultures……My request to all women don’t go behind these fack Gurus… One thing must be noticed that … these guru’s are running their company using women power…..

  7. Mohita says:

    I think our laws has so many loop holes that it is leading to these sick mentality people to flourish. There is only one way to control these people is to make stringent laws again rapists. So that next time if these sick thinking comes in there minds, they think of their condition post they are caught. This is what is required….. the fear in their sick mind

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