Shameful 28 day old baby allegedly raped in Bullandshahr UP India

A recent incident, which makes the animals better than humans. The incident is as shameful, more than unfortunate and painful, any common man cannot imagine because the 28 day old baby is only a symbol of innocence and love.

28 day baby raped in India

Representational image of a baby

The incident took place on Saturday when 28 day old baby was allegedly raped by a 25 year old man in village Asif Nagla, under Khurja Dehat Police Station from Bullandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. Parents who found their baby in bleeding when they returned from voting for Gram Pradhan elections, SP (Rural) Pankaj Pandey (Superintendent of Police) said.

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The victim’s father has been filed complaint against him (Namino) on the basis of inquiry in village. While the accused is absconding. The girl’s father, said after the vote that they were returning home, they saw the child’s body bleeding. Doctors treating her in the intensive and investigation are underway. While parents are in shock. Village community and entire India are shocked after the incident and police is investigating.

I’m wordless! Those types of antisocial and cruel people do not have the rights to live on the earth. The baby got to see the ugly and cruel face of ‘humanity’ before she could even open her eyes properly. We should die because we are only responsible. Sorry to baby! 

Come on India! Let’s stand together for strict laws and punishments regarding rape issues.

[Other side of the Story] An independent Journalist and Social Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj called the authorities at the village and what she was told was not what has been reported in media. She spoke to Mr. R K Sharma who shared some crucial details about the incident. Here is what he told her– “The injuries on the child’s vagina were of nature that can happen even because of wiping with a cloth (news reports said profuse bleeding.) Medical Reports have ruled out any rape. No penetrative assault has happened at all. Now a medical board has been formed to look into the case but initial reports do not suggest any crime as alleged. We are investigating the case very closely and will take actions if anything as alleged has happened. We have been informed by the villagers that the father of the child had made allegations of rape on his wife by another man in the village a year ago and taken money to strike a compromise.

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We hope the media follows the case and report on what happened exactly.

Kundan Srivastava

Kundan Srivastava

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