Have you taught your son to respect women?

Not only in India but there are some other countries where injustice has become a part of every women’s life.

Women are the inner soul of existence of humans. She is a living symbol of love in our world. She is a sister who holds your hand when you feel hurt, a selfless helper and a survivor to the end. She is a mother who suffers deep pain throughout her whole life for you but she never complains and demand. She is a wife ho leaves everything for sake of your happiness but never shows you her own scars of pain. Her love is unconditional and selfless.In each and every way you will find her a true self-sacrifice but you call her bitch,slut hoe and tramp. Have your taught your son to respect a women? Without women the life of a person is incomplete like a heart without heartbeats and today people has become the murderer of their own heartbeats and their own existence. I have no idea that how these people face themselves while looks at a mirror. You have tried to keep her close in narrow caves and cages. But today she is no more slave of this society.

This time she will break the boundary and fight for her own existence and freedom. Because she has learned to achieve her needs and desire after suffering the pain and heartache you have brought to her life.The injustice which she is bearing from very start will come to end this time. Because a lost voice is incoming wounded now and rising in the world for the freedom of every women. This voice is string enough to face all those heartless humans who have never respect existence of a women. The power of this voice is endless and it will represent all women of the world.

Gender Equality

The era of women empowerment is going to start today whether you want or not but remember, NO MORE INJUSTICE TOWARDS WOMEN NOW, Women are most beautiful creation of the God but you say that their beauty provokes harassment. The one who says it is the one who tries to hide his own dirt of eyes and heart. How can you call women a weaker sex? When she is the one who has been raped, beaten,murdered but still has the courage to live, to face this world and to fight for her existence.

She deserves respect and love by you but the only thing she gets from society is terror,insecurity and violence. Have you taught your son to respect a women? she bears pain her whole life but never expect anything from you except love. Wind wipes her tear away when you don’t bother to do so. She hides her all pain and laugh. She helps you to rise in every circumstance. The reality is that Indian society is a mirror of injustice, and discrimination toward women through which every soul of women looks at herself and try to figure out that is birth as a girl a curse in World?

Today women are facing problem in every sphere of life since time immemorial. India has got freedom in year 1947 from 200 years of British rule But the women of India never got independence. They are the one who are still the slaves of men of Indian society. I want to ask you when will they get freedom?on which date they will celebrate their independence day. The society is destroying the reality of women.A women also has the right to live with freedom. But No women are living her life as she wants. She is breathing in pain and tries to look happy. Do you know that one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her life time. The lives of million of women suffers violence and injustice.

Here is a list of some injustice faced by women around world.
In Saudi Arabia, Women can’t drive (only country that explicitly prohibits women from driving a car)
In China & India infanticides of baby girls
In U.S., a gender pay gap
In Egypt, feeble rights to divorce
In Lesotho, Restricted land ownership
In Afghanistan, unequal education rights
In Latin America, discrepancies in media coverage

I want to ask you that is Right to freedom’ given to men only.If not, then why is the freedom of women of Indian society is breathing in locked cages.Its the high time to break the silence & RAISE VOICE AGAINST VIOLENCE, INEQUALITY & SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION faced by a women since her birth time. I feel that living as a women in Indian society with a smile on face after suffering infinite injustice deserves a Gold medal. But a women desires from the society nothing more than her own freedom and justice. Today high profile activists had been working tirelessly to get something done for women emancipation and humanity. The women human rights not only have been largely ignored by society but by the government as well.

The life of women is wounded and colored in a bleeding pain, from wherever you will open the book of her life, you will find the scars of hurt.If any men gets to know that how she feels when she faced a forced marriage, honor killings, female genital mutilation and sexual slavery then at that moment his eyes will bleed to cry. Realize her pain and sufferings. Every men should realize that women have the right to enjoy equal status with you in all aspects of life. After decades of suffering exposition physically, mentally, commercially, a voice silently raising with a storm.

This voice is that hurtful pain which all those women felt when they cried and died because you murdered her, raped her, exploited her. They are all died but there pain is still alive. Recognize it, this voice is that pain which rises from the hearts of all those women gone through the unbearable pain and suffering of honor killings, violence, discrimination and inequality. This voice has risen from the ashes and the blood of those women who became a victim of the injustice and died. They are died but there pain still exists in the eyes of each and every women of world.

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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  1. parthasadhukhan says:

    What about overwhelming false cases filed by women? What about women raping men and going scot-free? WHat about domestic violence by women on men? your views are one sided…

    • Kundan Srivastava says:

      @Parth: Society prepares the crime; The Criminal Commits it…Crime don’t know the religion and gender even they are male or female….I am humanity promoter..I just focused such issues which happened in daily life….India is male supporting nation where women don’t exist…So i am just encouraging them…Thanks

  1. December 11, 2013

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