Religious violence in India – What was our fault and why are we being Punished?

Come on India, Let’s stop being juvenile and start using our brains so that the anti social elements don’t misuse our love for our religion.

It’s a well flourished fact that India is a secular country. The constitution of our country (Article 14) gives us the right to equality. It guarantees equality to all persons before the law, thrashes out discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, grants equal opportunity in the matter of public employment and abolishes untouchability and titles. Minorities may establish their own schools and government cannot deny grants on grounds of race, religion or language. It gives us the privilege to decide what religion we wish to follow with full faith. We have different laws governing different religions still it’s very hard to see a single year going without even one minor or major religious riot. Why can’t it just be about being humans and nothing more than that? Which religion says that the other religion is inferior? None right then why do we have this feeling in mind that we follow the superior most religion.

Religious Violence in India

We have forgotten the meaning of words like humanity and mankind. If this continues we’ll soon forget the meaning of a peaceful society too. Just rewind your memory and give a thought to the deadly Muzaffarnagar riots which occurred on the name of religion. The recent Saharanpur riots, which were quite disastrous, did not just harm one single community but other communities too. The reason for the riots is most of the time (sorry to say) is quite stupid like in this one we are killing people for land? Like seriously and you think you are justified in doing that, and yes we always want to step onto others territory, land and claim it belongs to my community. I ask WHY?

More over these riots give a chance to the other nations to point a finger at India. Whenever there is a riot why is it always about our community being on the right side and not about the issue in question?

Religious Violence in Saharanpur India

The policy of divide and rule which was opted ages ago for colonizing India but it seems we haven’t really learned from it. Modi ji can’t bring Ache Din Alone and we all will have to change our approach towards the religious issues. No religion teaches killing of mankind and raping of humanity. There is no point of sending your children to these fancy expensive schools when they still treat a people of other religion in a different manner. Nobody is stopping you from loving or following your religion but it is stopping you when you force others to follow yours. Religion is all about faith and not force what is forced on you, you’ll never have faith on it rather you’ll follow it out of sheer fear.

All that we get out of these riots is not conclusion but dead bodies of infants, women, the seniors of a family, and the males of a family. We get destruction of lives. We get scattered family, parents who lost their kids who were supposedly the only source of income for their families. In fact here is my proposal while calculating the number of victims of the violence we should also include the number of members in their family because they too die not just once but every moment asking the same question again and again to the government, reputed authorities and the people who do killing on the name of religion. What Was Our Fault And Why Are We Being Punished?

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