Problems faced by women in Indian Society – Who are responsible ?

Society is the biggest reason behind problems faced by women, to move ahead it has to be left behind.

Taking birth as a woman in society like our country is a real big struggle right from the beginning itself. Killing of the girl child in her mother’s womb is one of the most horrible practices followed in many parts of the India. Though it is completely illegal and even the sex determination of a child is a punishable offence for both the parents and the doctors.

Problems Faced by Women in India

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The birth ration of a female child is not in balance with the birth ratio of male Child in a developing country like India. The reason behind this is the thinking of the less educated or half educated people who either think of girl child as a burden or treat them as incapable of taking forward the linage of their surname. Later, if she is not killed at the time of birth there are other critical issues that arise after the birth of a girl child like her education is given less importance than the education of the male child of the family because it is believe that the only job of a woman is to stay back home, cook for the family and take care of all their domestic needs, henceforth the focus of the family is to teach every household work to the girl child so that she can impress her in laws. In spite of the fact that The constitution of our country make the right to education a fundamental right of every child up to 14 years. Once she gets married it is very clearly dictated to her that the only purpose of her life is to take care of her husband and his family. Isn’t it amazing that all this happens in the same country where we are supposed to treat the woman of our houses as goddess Laxmi” ? Though the things have changed a lot and it’s not like all the people think of this situation in the same manner but still there are a majority of people who still think in this direction.

Women Commits Suicide in India

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Coming to the problem of the women of the urban region, who are not as underprivileged as much as the girls of the rural area and get a chance to live a life and make their careers. Still, they have a separate set of problems welcoming them like harassment at work place. It is such a common thing that tons of cases are being heard of this issue every other day. However, Under the Indian legal system every office is supposed to make a cell for dealing with complains of a female employee regarding harassment and these complains should be heard on a fast track basis. Often cases are witnessed in which the male workers have some serious problem in working under a female boss and it is often against their so called male ego. In fact some males also take a view that the females of the house should not go out and work, god know how does it proves their mardanagi” by suppressing a woman and imposing their thoughts over her.

What I have always believed and would request you all to believe it too is the fact that without a second thought women are much better than men. I can explain that with a very simple example:

Please recall every time you get hurt or every time you are in pain which is that one word that comes out of your heart…RIGHT, that’s the name of a woman…Maa!

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO '' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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  2. Minu sunkad says:

    woman shld get all the rights in society because she realy deserves it she didnt get means she wil fight for it and get it even a small rights of her

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