Premlata Shinde is not world slowest cashier; An activist should be given credit for bringing to light an inspirational story

I urge every human being, please do act thoughtfully on Social Media. It’s our responsibility to take care of such innocent people. My heartiest request that whomever you meet, meet with goodness, do good behavior. You will not even know he/she is fighting inside a great battle.

A man Balaraju Somisetty, shared a video on October 24, 2016 without having a little respect for women & senior citizen and criticized saying her ‘Fastest cashier in the world.’ spreads like a wildfire over 4.9 million views, 149,203 shares and 72k likes. HOW NONSENSE? 

Premlata Shinde, Pune Bank Cashier

Let me tell the truth to all the brainless people who is making fun of her.

She is Premlata Shinde, retiring in Feb 2017 from ‘Bank of Maharashtra’, Pune. So far she has survived a paralysis stroke and 2 heart attacks. She had just resumed her duties after a prolonged duration of leave for treatment. She has enough leaves stocked up that she can avail them and continue getting paid at home till her retirement. But, she wants to finish her service period honorably. So her branch staff set up an extra cash counter just so she can work at her own pace while customers can continue getting the service at the usual counter.


But some unaware customer ended up at that counter and made this video. Also, her husband is no more and her only son lives abroad with wife and child and can only visit for limited duration. It is said that she has undergone most of her medical treatment by herself.

Kundan Srivastava, an activist should be given credit for bringing to light an inspirational story which was altogether lost in the first place in the misleading video. Reported, News Nation

Kundan Srivastava, a social activist, blasted Balaraju Somisetty for posting the original video, and went on to give details about her condition. The Economic Times

The reality came to light when an activist Kundan Srivastava shared the reality in a Facebook post after seeing how the woman was being mocked ever since the video went viral. Deccan Chronicle

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Hats off to all the women of our nation who are striving and working hard making all our lives and our nation move ahead.

I urge every human being, please share this video for the victory of good over evil. For that only we celebrate ‘Diwali’.


Kundan Srivastava

Source: Facebook

Kundan Srivastava

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