Mysterious death of a 13-year-old Ishika Thakur, father suspected!

When the savior turns tormentor! Are kids safe even around their parents?

Children are like this magical “Jeannie” who arrive into their parent’s lives to bring happiness and gaiety. From the time when the time they are born to the time they grow up there isn’t a single day when their parents don’t feel pleased with their kids. After a tiresome day when the exhausted father comes home, a single scream from their child “Papa aa Gaye” takes away all their tiredness. To see an excerpt of them culminate into a full-grown living being is one of the greatest joys a parent can experience. Even the cold-blooded animal takes utmost care of their offsprings. All fellow parents, don’t you share the same sentiment? Can you imagine a day without your child? Can you tolerate a single scratch on your child’s Body? Didn’t a single sneeze or a cough for that matter sends you into a wave of tizzy?  Every parent does his best to protect his /her child. 

But sadly that is not the case with everyone. Sometimes parents are not the protectors rather they become the assaulters.

Ishita Thakur Murder

13-year-old girl Ishika Thakur (Dead)

Look at this innocent kiddo in the above picture. Look at her pious face, the twinkle in her eyes. How cheerful she looks. But there is a whole dark reality waiting to be uncovered behind her otherwise naive external shell. This is a 13-year-old girl Ishika Thakur from Mahavir Avenue, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh who was not only a happy soul but also a responsible sister to her younger brother Shivam. A little princess who was very much mature for her age and was cherry of everybody’s eye in her locality. But alas! All the kids are not cherished upon the way they should be. Destiny had some other fate for her. She is no more. She passed away and was put up to such a painful death that even devil would feel ashamed. She was reduced to ashes in a fire. Her death was publicized by her parents Rajesh Thakur and Tina Thakur sometimes as a suicide and on other times as an accident. We don’t know what the reality is as of yet but as a social activist and moreover as a citizen of this country it is our duty to investigate the actual reasons of her death.   


And the most shameful fact is that the people who are doubted for being responsible for her death are none other than her own parents. The very same people who were responsible for protecting her and saving her from any such mishappening. Although nothing is established as of yet but we would like to know the reality for sure. 

We have been receiving a lot of anonymous tips on the incident which allege on Friday night (October 07, 2016) between 11:30 pm 12:00 am that her parents brutally set her on fire and then gave different excuses to save their face. A lot of neighbors saw that poor little girl dying mercilessly in the fire and not only this her mouth was forcefully stuffed with clothes so that she couldn’t shout and ask for some help. Their parents gave different accounts of her death. At one occasion they said it was an accident, on the other they claimed it to be a suicide. Even if we consider this as a suicide case then shouldn’t this be the administration’s duty to find out the causes of a suicide by this thirteen-year-old girl? Children that age don’t even know the difference between life and death. Then what were the factors that drove her to commit suicide? Was it something related to family or was she killed?

Ishita Thakur Murder Ujjain

13-year-old girl Ishika Thakur (Dead)

This girl’s father is them in the police department and that is why this matter didn’t come into light. Also, there has been a history of child abuse by them and they use to beat both their children mercilessly every now and then. The whole locality was aware of these brutalities on those kids.

According to the anonymous leads which we got since the last few days, when the parents were taking their burned child’s body to the hospital the mother spilled the beans in nervousness and said to her husband in front of all the neighbors that you burnt the child too much, I don’t think she is going to make it. Also, her younger brother aged 7 years told some of the neighbors it was their dad who first beat “didi” with a stick and then poured kerosene all over her body and set her ablaze. Even after this horrific event, this helpless girl struggled for her life in hospital and whenever she gained her senses she refused to meet her parents. In the hospital itself, some visitors heard her mother requesting the girl not to say anything against her husband, that girl’s father as it will ruin their lives. Although all these claims are not supported by any evidence but these aren’t mere tattle tales and there is definitely something fishy about the whole incident. In western countries, child welfare services swing into action even if a couple drops their child by mistake and here such a horrific incident happened and no action was taken?

Ishita Thakur Murder case

Dainik Bhaskar, Ujjain edition (page 7) wrote on October 08, 2016. that the cause of the fire was not immediately known? How?

Why the police are not investigating the case?

This is no court and I am no judge to give a decision on the aforesaid matter but I would urge the administration of the area under whose jurisdiction the matter falls to conduct an unbiased investigation irrespective of the fact that the father of this unfortunate girl is a police official himself as soon as possible and find out the real culprit. Every life is important and so does this innocent girl’s life was. Let’s honor her after her death by finding out who was accountable for the same.

Cc: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

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