She is a living corpse! Brutal case of dowry torture

Pearl Nitin Mirchandani (Dolly Berry), she ended herself for the man she loved, What happened was; 

She married to Nitin Mirchandani, This guy acted & faked everything that he loves her and will be loving her for the rest of her life. But only thing that guy wanted was MONEY, after 15 days of marriage Nitin started beating dolly & use to tell her “mar ja” and he use to drink everyday and everynight and he use to torture her. She kept quiet and after a month she came to know he had an affair with a girl from Delhi and he even had many more affairs in the past, Before Marrying to dolly, he had divorced with two other women and the only reason behind this was money.

Dolly Berry dowry torture Case

While marrying to her, Nitin even asked for DOWRY of 10 lakhs from Dolly’s family. It was Dolly’s birthday on July 21, she came back to home anyways and told her family about this. She was in a huge depression, the next morning her elder sister Deepika Berry wasn’t able to find her in room, she searched everywhere and then found her hanging in the bathroom. They admitted her to a nearby hospital, Now she is just a body lying, she can’t speak, can’t hear, can’t eat and she is suffering from brain damage.

News: Spine chilling tale of love, cheating and fatality on Facebook  NewsX 

Dolly’s family registered an FIR against Nitin, but the police is not even searching him, he already made a deal with police he even had some cases in past. People like him keep hunting and they call themselves “Road Romeo” they show the power of money and shut the world. This time money won’t matter for us and we need justice for her.

Such a beautiful and strong Lady she was, Please Share and help us to get justice for her. ~Deepika Berry

I spoke to the Victim’s family and will do my best to crack the case. Still! I’m fighting for this case.



Kundan Srivastava

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Kundan Srivastava

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    […] Read: She is a living corpse! Brutal case of dowry torture […]

  2. October 24, 2016

    […] She is a living corpse! Brutal case of dowry torture […]

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