Importance of Women Education in India – An Educated Girl, An Educated Future

When girls are not educated everyone suffers. An Educated Girl, An Educated Future. 

Gone is the time when gender used to be a factor before giving education and employment to a person. The women of the world have reached till the outer space; they are no less than the males in any field science, sports, business or social work which is all because of the education. You name it and they have achieved it. Education is the premise on which a strong building of human life can be made. If a person lacks education he lacks the tool of earning his survival, of making his life worth living or rather lacks the chance of growing in life. Education doesn’t make you just well read but also gives you a much more logical and scientific approach towards issues that you face in your day to day life.  Lately a survey has proved that India is at top of the chart of the countries that has the maximum youth population.  However, it is also known for the lack awareness about need of education for females. However, in case of India the literacy rate is very low in comparison to other developing countries and when we talk about the women education in India the chart becomes worst.

Women Education

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There are many reasons to this why the female education is still not given much importance in many parts of India few of the reasons are dowry, child marriage, caste system, Parda system for girls, myths about education. People in the rural area mostly believe that girl is a ‘paraya dhan’ henceforth there is no point investing in her, many also think that since they have to save for her dowry they should not waste the money on her education. Another view to this situation is that the girl’s are married at a very small age which makes her focused only towards the household works. At many places the caste system followed by the people is so strong that the girls of lower caste are not allowed to go to the schools where the girls of the high caste are studying.

Some less aware people also have a myth that education ruins girls and make them more demanding and argumentative which to some extent I accept is true…Yes! As after getting education they start demanding their rights and argue for the right thing. It is importance for a female to understand what is right and what is wrong and she receives this ability with the help of education only and there is no substitute to this.

Girl Education in India

Courtesy: Pratham school

India needs to take lessons from the world and promote the education of females in our country. Although it’s not like that Indian women haven’t achieved anything so far we have Indian women as the CEO’s of the top companies not just within India but also outside India, we have a Indian women as a winner of world’s championship of boxing, we have amazing female army officers. In fact the women today are much ahead of men in the world ranking when it comes to professional skills.

India still has a long way to go. India’s female literacy rate still needs to be improved a lot. This will not just be possible by the making of government policies. We all need to wake up and make a move. We all should take a step towards promoting women education in India. At least by making sure that the people who are connected to you in any which way it can be your cousins or for that matter even your servants none of them should give less value to the education of their girl child.

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