Where is humanity? A depiction of sorry state of human rights in India!

A Girl stabbed 21 times in Delhi

Scene 1 : A girl was stabbed brutally in broad Daylight in Delhi, India. Not once or twice but 21 times continuously. A lot of people passed by but nobody came to help.


Source: www.inkhabar.com

Scene 2 : In Odisha, A man had to carry his wive’s body on his shoulders for 10 km. His weeping daughter was walking beside helplessly.


Source: www.google.com

Scene 3 : In Odisha Hospital workers break the leg of a woman’s body for easy transportation.


Source : www.khojkhabarnews.com

Scene 4 : In Madhya Pradesh A man with a 5-year-old baby and her old mother was forced to get off the bus because his ailing wife died on the bus. And passengers were uncomfortable traveling with a corpse.


Source: www.hindustantimes.com

All these instances looks like some fictional takes from some hard hitting fiendish movie but sadly these are not. These are actually few of the inhuman stories which came to our notice within a span of last few months. All these callous incidents made me deeply ponder about the poor state of humanity in India.

Where does the humanity go? Even after such incidents do we qualify ourselves to be referred as human. Humanity if the act of being human to others, to be kind to them, to help them but nowadays there are only narcissistic human with no humanity indeed.

In the first incident, that girl was murdered in such a barbaric way that even satan’s soul would shiver. But the onlookers kept on passing by as if such nothing is happening. I wish If a handful of them might have had the courage to stop the attacker, that girl could have been alive. Unity can always supersede alone devil but sadly people were so engrossed in their “Why should we?” logic that they let a person die. That girl could have been anyone out of us, she could have been your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, your classmate but now she is nothing just a victim of unrequited love.

In the second such mishappening, the poor man couldn’t even get a transport to carry his wive’s body. Imagine his condition? Not only he might have had loose his partner that day but also his faith in so called humanity. In another incident, the hospital workers broke a dead woman’s legs so that the body could be transported like a bale of fodder. How remorseless is that? I mean come on she was a living creature until a few hours back. She might have died and become a non-living thing for you but not for those who loved her. For them, she was an important part of their life and you treated her body like a piece of the log? Can you ever imagine doing the same to your loved one even if they are no more ?

In another such occurrence, a person was thrown out of a moving bus with his 5-day old child & old mother. Reason? Because his ailing wife, to whom he was taking to the hospital died in between. And then something happened which would happen in no civil society. The passengers complained that they were not comfortable traveling with a corpse. Disgusting! Were you not comfortable? Think about that helpless man who just lost his wife? That’s discomfort. Think about that poor old lady, Did you look at her poor woebegone face? That’s discomfort. Think about that ill-fated kid who is devoid of his mother’s milk. Did you hear him whimper of pain? That’s discomfort. All these gut churning incidents make me feel so shameful about this so called human society.

In many places, if people find an animal injured or hurt they take it under their shelter and feed him and take care of him until it is back to being healthy. Or if they find an animal’s dead body they cremation it with respect. And here we are, Members of a civil society taking pleasure in being a silent spectator of all these mishappenings so that we don’t land ourselves in a coup.

This is not humanity and if such incidents keep on happening then we should stop ourselves calling human. Martin Luther King Jr. has said

The Ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

And exactly this is what is Happening. Being a human being is given to us by God but following a humane path is our choice. But Remember no society can progress with such wrongdoings happening every now and then. Today it is that random girl who got murdered mercilessly or a stranger who was forced to carry his dead wive’s body or a man who was hit and was left to die road, Tomorrow it could be anybody out of us. I would strongly urge the members of this society to take matters in their hands and come forward whenever you see such excruciating violation of basic human rights otherwise this world will reduce to a living hell.

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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