God of mathematics – A man Vashishtha Narayan Singh who challenged Einstein theory of relativity

A painful photo of a great mathematician – A matriculation topper from Bihar Board in 1961, he went to University of California, Berkeley in 1963 to study Mathematics, got PhD in 1969, and joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor.

A man who challenged Einstein’s theory of relativity E = mc

Vashisth Narayan Singh

In 1972, he returned to India and joined as a Lecturer in IIT, Kanpur. During the next five years, he taught at IIT Kanpur, TIFR, Mumbai and ISI, Kolkata. In 1977, he showed symptom of Mental illness, Schizophrenia and after a decade of poor quality treatment at Kanke, in 1988 he left that place without informing anyone. In 1992, he was found in a poor condition in Siwan, Bihar.

His school students have rehabilitated him in Patna, with a professor like ambience, study table, board, library, books etc to make him feel easy and comfortable.

He is Vashishtha Narayan Singh the great scholar.

I would like to urge the Government of India should be returned full respect, honor to this great son of the country. He also deserve one of the highest civilian Awards of the country are conferred in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri.

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[UPDATES - 21 December, 2015] I recently spoke to Vashishtha Narayan Singh's neighbor and He told that he is living without proper cloths in this cold. I want Vashishtha Narayan Singh to get justice. That's why I won't stop requesting you all, till lakhs of people file petitions. All I have asked from you all is time...A little time of yours can bring basic needs, respect & honor to someone's life. "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Let's fight for Vashishtha Narayan Singh!

[UPDATES - 22 December, 2015] In India, the day December 22 has been declared as the National Mathematics Day. The declaration was made by Prime Minister of India, during the inaugural ceremony of the birth of Shaswat Mishra held at the Odisha University Centenary Auditorium on 26 February 2012. Today is the big day to support the God of mathematics – A man Vashistha Narayan Singh, who challenged the Einstein theory of relativity on the occasion of National Mathematics Day. Sharing few more photographs of Vashishtha Narayan Singh which took a year before.

[UPDATES - 29 December, 2015] Today, some of my team members meet with Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh in his native house Basantpur in Bihar, India. You can imagine his situation after seeing photographs. He is suffering from Mental illness, Schizophrenia. When he were photographed, he had his tongue out. Bihar is so cold now a days with (18 °C - 20 °C) and you're also able to see the blanket. How hot is the blanket? The last 15 days I'm crying out for his justice from the government of India & Bihar. Why no one hears? Why the people of India is not supporting?

Kundan Srivastava

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He is Vashishtha Narayan Singh the great scholar an Indian mathematician from Basantpur, Bihar, India. He was born on 2 April 1942 in Basantpur village of Bhojpur district in Bihar, India to Lal Bahadur Singh and Lahaso Devi. He received his primary and secondary education from Netarhat Residential School and college education from Patna Science College. Vashishtha Narayan Singh became a legend as a student when he was allowed by Patna University to appear in the two-year course of B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics in its very first year. This achievement of his still mentioned with a sense of pride by Netarhat Vidyalaya. He received PhD on Reproducing Kernels and Operators with a Cyclic Vector from University of California, Berkeley, in 1969. His doctoral advisor was John L. Kelley.

In one of the research publications of 1959 listed below, he acknowledges the support of one Dr. R.P. Agarwal of Lucknow University. George E. Andrews, a renowned mathematician, in his research paper dated 1974 refers to Shri VN Singh’s works of 1957-1959 listed below. Source: Wikipedia

Kundan Srivastava

Human Rights activist, Author, Columnist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”).

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34 Responses

  1. Vikas Sarin says:

    Indian The Most Beautiful Mind…….!!

  2. It is really unfortunate that this talented mathematician is living in poor condition.

  3. udaya kumar says:

    thanks for the posting. I am proud of and salute Mr. Vashistha Narayan Singh, I bow down my head for not knowing him. we may have few more still unknown to the nation.
    May be he was not an instrument to make profits some company.

  4. Sunrise says:

    you are doing very well. I appreciate with your work! welldone Sir 🙂

  5. No doubt, Dr Vashishth Narayan Singh is a rare gem of India. His genius remains unchallenged. His loyalty to the country is appreciable. If he had not fallen prey to the apathy of the government, state and central, he would have contributed a lot to the mathematics world. India has grown to be the slaughterhouse of the intellectuals and scholars. It indicates that cronyism and fascism are the silent killers of rationalism and scholarship. When Hawkins can get all the essentials not only to make him alive but to find him a very vital figure in the interest of the country. It sounds possible abroad not in India. However, if the intellectuals and scholars from diverse areas come forward unitedly to rescue Dr Vashishth Narayan Singh from the further plight, the gem of mathematics can be preserved for wider benefits. We must not forget that India has produced many talents including Ramanujam in this field. Do come forward for one of the noblest causes.

  6. nipu says:

    Our great scholar dr.VN Singh sir now on footpath becz of his mental illness.its really shameful for india & india govt pls people do something fr his quickly recovery. India ko such zarurat hai unko jeisa kavil biyokti ka. May God bless you sir.

  7. Yogesh Tyagi says:

    Request the Govt to pay the respect to this Great Indian Mathematician…’Shri Vashistha Narayan Singh’

  8. BongBlogger says:

    Now what next ?? We shouldn’t wait for the initiative from government. Better come forward to help him

  9. “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Let’s fight for Vashistha Narayan Singh!

  10. sujit ray says:



    It is shocking one. I had read the story sometimebback. Why IIT is not bothered about the faculty member

  12. amrinder singh says:

    Srivastva Sir,
    First of all I salute you and your great thinking. What you are doing is not a profession, it’s a call of humanity. Many people say “I’m a social activist” that is wrong, and until people understand the actual meaning of social activist like you, it is not possible to help other human beings, and helping other people come out of their grievances is our duty, because we are human beings and not animals.
    So together we stand and divided we fall, if there are bad and evil people are there, then there is a pool of good too. We will definitely help this man, the once great scholar and top class scientist.
    My one question , he must have had a family, a wife, or son/daughter, friends and relatives, some near or dear ones, here am astonished that everyone deserted him ?
    Well anyway,, it seems that he is In Punjab, as I can see the signboard In the pictures. And I hope he gets well after he receives the proper treatment.

  13. AKSHAY KUMAR says:

    We should request our honourable president to look after this matter and give him the respect and honour which Mr. Narayan deserves.A great initiative by Mr. kundan.Really will be honour to help you brother in this matter.

  14. Vaishali Srivastava says:


  15. hamzath says:

    A precious diamond lying in the waste bin…..some charity, social organization must come forward to salvage him from this pathetic condition.

  16. sanjay singh says:

    Absolutely he deserves to lead a honourable and respectable life . We all are ready to do what can be done by us . Really he is proud of India . If Government is not thinking about him we must think for this .

  17. sujith says:

    thank you for reminding me about this brilliant mathematician.

  18. Pratap says:

    Absolutely he deserves to lead a honourable and respectable life .We should request our honourable president to look after this matter and give him the respect and honour which Mr. Narayan deserves. and if our great leader Dr APJ kalam still there he could have done any thing.

  19. Ravi Gowda says:

    His excellency Mr. Narendrabhai Modiji, you have been doing some thing extra ordinary work which no PM has done so far for the country.

    Kindly look into the matter, we think there might be so many UNSUNG HEROES in India.

    Kindly give few minutes to those people and give them a gud settled life.


    Ravi Gowda

  20. shivam says:

    Tynk fully for this mathematician

  21. Prakash v says:

    Realy it’s painful to say how our country and also people of my country wl loosing and with out caring and forgetting such great intellectual being Dr srivastav sir its hurts me a lot and why don’t we join together and do full fledged honest support to our hero today i pludged my support any time god bless to our maths hero…………..let us not wt for the govt…………

  22. TEJ SINGH HADA says:


  23. R.Srinivasan says:

    After reading this tragic story of a highly educated man in the field of mathematics, my heart broke. I pray almighty for his recovery and restoration of his dignity and peace. The state government and the central government and also the NGOs, academics must come forward to help him in his hour of sadness.

  24. C H Sastry says:

    Dr. V N Singh was our colleague at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. He was quite normal until his marriage. Some time later his mental condition aggravated. Now, the NEED of the HOUR is giving financial HELP to his Family ( which is very POOR) to take CARE of him as a HUMAN BEING. Award does NOT MATTER TO HIM. HUMAN CARE is ALL what one can do for HIM. Government should provide him and his family OLD AGE HOME and HEALTH facilities.

  25. S. A. Khan says:

    I am shocked to know the real Identity of this Great Personality whom we have known as “Umashankar” for almost 10 years in our village Bishwambhar Pur, Siwan. Our elders use to say that he is not an Ordinary person, he is a great mathematician (though their knowledge of him was also limited as majority of them was not so educated), In early days of his stay, he use to solve math questions so quickly, speaks English beautifully (when he is in good mood, other wise he mostly remains silent).
    I am deeply sad to learn that he was always in front of us, spent a substantial amount of time among us and we were unaware of his real identity. I can very well recognize him in this picture.

    At least we have got some privileges to serve him during his stay in our village (he allowed us several times to serve him with whatever we could have offered to him), He had spent some of his time in our small house as well. Indeed I feel blessed to have spent my childhood in the presence of this Great Soul of Bihar.

  26. Rocker says:

    when i read this article . it touched my body i like it keep it up admin

  27. Arghya Ghosh says:

    He Is The Best Methametics Teacher

  28. PRADEEP BERRY says:

    God is great, it really interests me, human life is really a surprise and beautiful, belief helps, we must have strong belief to move in this world, he did his job and feel he is still alive to prove more for all to learn.

  29. sujeet singh says:

    we are going to start a honour in mathematics on his name “ Vashistha Samman “ .

  30. SUMAN GORAI says:

    I think best mathmatics teacher of the world…..

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