Foziya who was chirpy and lively as bird has turned into a living corpse! Brutal case of dowry harassment

Following three years of torturous marriage, Foziya who was chirpy and lively as bird has turned into a living corpse.

With much gaiety and pride, I married off my daughter to one Mujeeb Khan, Son of Rashid khan. Just after few days of marriage her in laws and other members of the family (namely Guddan, Firdose, Anjum, Nahid, Farha) started torturing her both mentally and physically. Foziya’s Father in law who proclaim himself to be a true and religious pray namaz five times a day, he was also nowhere behind in agonizing her. He tried to find out faults with everything she do and cursed her to die every now and then. Not only this they didn’t feed her food until she was done with all the chores of house. My daughter got Tuberculosis (TB) because of such cruel treatment and lack of nutrition.

Foziya Domestic Violence Victim

Foziya with her husband

Even then just to save some money her in laws didn’t take her to a good doctor and indeed got her treated at a local doctor. The final nail on the coffin was no support by her husband Muzeeb Khan. He was a mere puppet in the hands of his family. When we came to know about our daughter being put up to such brutality, we immediately get her at our house and started her treatment. Meanwhile neither her in laws nor her husband paid even a single visit to her. Heights of Shamelessness!

The main motive of this post is to create an awareness in the society about treating their daughter in law with dignity. She is not a mere servant or an inferior species. A daughter in law deserves to be treated as an equal member of the family. Please look around you and if you see such cases then raise your voice.

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Share this post as much as possible that every such family who treats daughter in law as a non living thing feel guilty of their inhuman deeds. Remember we were created as human to live as a human and If we won’t raise our voice then who will ??

– Shabbir Khan (victim’s father) Karera, Shivpuri. (Madhya Pradesh) 



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