Even police are not safe in India! Flip side of the police functionalities

Call it a new mob culture or growing anger against the police, people in Uttar Pradesh are chasing and thrashing cops more frequently than ever before. Observers also link the attacks on policemen to the rise of ‘Goonda’ elements under the ‘Government’ rule. Reported by Indiatoday

UP Police

Similar incidents of assault had been sent to me by one of the followers. I don’t have any information including exact place and date yet about the incident, but, it happened recently. After seeing the Video I do believe the incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.Video puts a question mark on the functioning of the Police and her legal power in Uttar Pradesh and also in India.

Surely! you’ll see the video, but, let me tell the description of the video. A policeman is in a rural village and the people playing with him like toys. This policeman is being thrashed and abusing by local villagers and they were also trying to snatch policeman’s gun.

Flip side of the story is the police brutality is rampant on Indian streets. We have seen many such cases where police used their power to abuse innocents and infinite victims in India who have been harassed by police for no reason. We can not decide right and wrong, but, 

The public outrage at police; that may the only reason behind such incidents.

Shameful News: A Lucknow policeman Santosh Tiwari has been accused of slapping a Girl

We can’t take the law into own hands. I condemn the incident and urge the CM of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav, please take the actions against such villagers. If it does not, then the common man who is afraid of the law, it will be over.


Kundan Srivastava

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