Delhi Man Rapes Office Colleague for 2 Months – Justice System Fails For Rape Victims in India

No Girl is a body to be used, Support those Girls who became rape victims. Will you stand by those Girls ? Please spread this real incidence. ~ Kundan Srivastava

INDIA the male dominant country and in this country people are breathing in the environment whose air is full of evil deeds and the tears of the one who are victims of these deeds. Accused are living their lives while victims are suffering for no reason. They are getting punishment for no mistake while the real culprits are roaming in the country without getting any punishment. In fact instead of giving hands and support to the victims, they are socially discarded by our society and the one who is culprit, his life is not affected in any means. The most serious problem of today is RAPE.

Kundan Srivastava Exposed Rape Case in Delhi by lyallpurtimes

Rape is unquestionably a heinous human behavior, but it is still one performed by biological i.e. by living organisms. But I believe that it is the act, the tool, the source that crushes a women’s spirit totally and force her to die internally. For a rapist age of the victim does not matter whether it is a baby who is just 1 year old or a woman who is 50 or above. He just wants to satisfy his evil needs by any means.

( A Painful Recording by Victim – Blackmailed by Rapist – 1 )

( A Painful Recording by Victim – Blackmailed by Rapist – 2 )


A case has come in front of us few weeks back in Delhi. A man Shree Ram working in a company in Jhandewalan, central Delhi, raped his colleague who was a married woman, for two months by threatening her to make public a marriage certificate he had procured through fraudulent means. She went to police station and file a Complaint against him on Feb 12, but gets no response even after 5 days. After so much disappointment and harassment given by police and the accused she contacted founder of BE IN HUMANITY FOUNDATION and tell everything that happened with her.

The woman filed her complaint in Gandhi Nagar police and told that she wanted to “gift” a marriage certificate to her husband on their marriage anniversary, and had requested her colleague Shree Ram to procure one from Ghaziabad. She told that Shree Ram took her to Ghaziabad, where he surreptitiously inserted his photo in place of her husband’s photo, and procured the marriage certificate. He then showed her the marriage certificate and threatened to defame her if she did not submit to his blackmail. The man first called her to his home in Peeragarhi in October last year and raped her. He subsequently raped her several times in November, according to the complaint. Shree Ram also extorted money from her through blackmail.

The NGO in question is BE IN HUMANITY FOUNDATION led by Er. Kundan Srivastava, who took up the victim’s case and got the FIR registered with the support of few like minded people Avi Dandiya (NRI, Social Activist) and high profile lawyer Avneesh Saran ( Lawyer High Court, Delhi and Counsel Govt. Of India) which is working on the victims case. Gandhi Nagar police is investigating with the help of our NGO. Both the victim and Kundan Srivastava are getting threatening calls every day to take the case back but no actions are taken against these threatening calls.

Yesterday Kundan went to police station to know about the action taken by them then he was astonished to hear the words of inspector. Inspector told him that the accused send them a photo of JAYAMALA of the victim and accused which is totally fake. After such act how a girl, a victim can think of justice. As it is a saying Hope sustains life, we have a little hope that one day with the unending courage of the victim and Kundan Srivastava she will get justice.

I want to add that as shown in Satyamev Jayate, the percentage of accused are just 1%, but still these 1% accused are heavy on remaining 99% population. This is just because our laws are weak for such cases. Also the discarding of the rape victims by our society give accused the courage to do such acts more and more. Due to disgrace many rape cases are not even get registered. So I just want to tell you girls that it is not a disgrace for you and there is no fault of yours at all. This is a disgrace of our society in which such people with such narrow minded thinking are living that do not respect the girl, the creator of this world and such society, such world will come to its end very soon if this continue to happen.

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Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO '' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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