When we give money directly to Child Beggars, We hurt more than we Help – Be Generous: Leave those coins in your Pocket

Often children are maimed, since disabled children get more money compared to healthy ones and hence increasing the profits of criminal gangs by cutting out a child’s eyes and body parts. ~Kundan Srivastava

India is the country where people had made begging as their profession. People instead of giving education to their children are training or forcing their children to beg. They think that education is just the wastage of time and also it requires money which they don’t have. So to increase their family income they tell their children to beg from people. They are spoiling their own children’s future. The question that comes in my mind is – are they alone responsible for their children’s dark future? Or are we not more culprit than them?

According to me we are much more responsible for creating a dark future for our coming generations. Child beggars beg as they are guided to do this but we when give them money with a thinking that we are helping them then we destroy their future, their morale, their confidence. Some of these children are being traffickated by gangs. In India, more than 60,000 children trapped each year. Most of these are kidnapped and are forced to work as beggars. Even they are not allowed to keep their earning along with them and are treated as slaves and also the gangs don’t give them food so that they look gaunt and get more sympathy and which results in more earning for the gangs. Also we know that a disabled child will get more sympathy so they also cut some parts of their body so to get more money.

When we give these children money then we are not helping them, but by giving them money, we only encourage the cycle of begging- a horrific business, and put future children in grave danger. When we give directly to children, we hurt more than we help. It’s not possible to know whether the child is a victim of trafficking or not. By saying no to giving money to child beggars does not mean we have to turn our backs on them, we must help them by donating money to the organisations who help poor and those people who do not have a shelter. Or give those things to them that can’t be sold further by them. So they do not make it their business. Also every child somewhere in his heart has a hope of studying and going to school, but providing them money on begging destroy their that hope and for earning more they begin to beg daily. So I think we should not give them money and tell them not to do this and encourage them to study and make their future bright. Only we can make our country’s future bright by not increasing the number of beggars in our country. Also it’s our government’s duty to take some strict actions so that parents should not force their children to beg.

If money is given directly to child beggars, there’s a very good chance that we’re actually lining the pockets of criminals who will in turn use it to kidnap, rape, and maim even more kids. What if we don’t give them money? Then the situation is even more devastating since enslaved children who return to their captors without money are beaten and tortured. However, by giving them money, we are encouraging the vicious cycle and finance a horrific business model, putting their future in grave danger. Summing it up, when we give money directly to children, we hurt more than we help.

Government must provide free education to the people who are under poverty line and must tell them the importance to studying, the importance of hardworking, and the importance of the happiness. Which will come, when they will work for themselves and their family also they must be educated about child labour and also tell them it is not good for their children to work in such a small age as this is an obstacle in their child’s physical and mental growth.

If we not give money and gifts to child beggars it doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on them. Donate to responsible NGOs, and look for creative new ways to be kind to children that won’t disrupt familial dynamics, encourage long-term poverty, undercut local businesses, or abet human trafficking.

Kundan Srivastava

Noted Human Rights activist, Founder-CEO 'www.thevoiceraiser.com' (“India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against injustice & victimization”), Nominee Forbes '30 Under 30', Author-Title is unTitled, Columnist 'UC News India'.

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  1. Jaiveer says:


    Extremly insightful read. Also the photograps are very hard hitting. Any idea where these are from. Would really want to connect with the photographer.

    Jaiveer Singh
    +91 9820685511

  2. Hiten says:

    Yes we need to think about child beggars and spend a bit time for them,connect with them and uproot child beggars.ls don’t donate the bucks directly to childrens feed them by food. Try to Know why are they doing this.



    Got to know about child exploitation. Its a pitiable condition for a large country like INDIA. Must need to take possible steps as preventation is better than cure


    Child kidnappers must be dragged and hanged publicly.This is the only punishment they deserve.However our great indian government in spite of fully aware of such heinous crimes is busy sleeping since past sixty years.

  5. Sonu yadav says:

    I have one idea inwhich child kidnapping and child beggars and girls kidnapping also we can stopped it if you wants to it then contect me 8756749640

  6. Sonu yadav says:

    I have a idea for stopped child begaars and kidnapping if you want to know it then contect me 8756749640

  1. February 20, 2016

    […] analogy, consider child beggars in many third-world countries. From India to Western Samoa, children are exploited as conduits for money from the wallets of empathic […]

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