Bengaluru cop stops president’s convoy to let an Ambulance pass

It’s a common practice in our country to stop the traffic for VVIP’s no matter if it creates a big jam or a person’s life is at stake. However, an incident has come to limelight wherein Bengaluru a traffic cop dared to do the opposite in order to let an ambulance pass away. He stopped a VVIP’s convoy to let an ambulance pass away. and, the VVIP was none other than our country’s president, Pranab Mukherjee.

Bengaluru cop stops president's convoy to let an Ambulance pass

Image: The Indian Express

The cop who has been recognised as Nijalingappa, was on duty at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle on Saturday. While he was on duty, The President’s convoy was moving towards the Raj Bhavan. When the convoy was passing, Nijalingappa noticed that an ambulance was trying to find a way towards a private hospital near HAL. Seeing this, The cop quickly swung into action  and directed the ambulance to pass through the traffic-heavy road.

Nijalingappa’s act set an example and received accolades. Not only this, The Bengaluru Police later announced a reward for traffic police sub-inspector M L Nijalingappa for his outstanding act without even caring about the fact that president’s convoy was passing. President Pranab Mukherjee was in Bengaluru for the inauguration of newly constructed, Metro’s Green Line. CPB -Praveen Sood, Bengaluru posted a tweet on Twitter to praise the officer’s alertness.

“The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!”

While talking to The New Indian Express, the cop said that considering the emergency of the case, I decided to allow the ambulance to pass in spite of the president’s convoy.

“As it was an emergency case, I allowed the ambulance to pass the junction immediately after passing the message to senior officials. As there was enough space and time to let the ambulance pass, I decided to allow it before the convoy passed the area.”

Before anyone know it, the social media took this incident hand to hand and people were  filled with accolades for the brave cop. Only if we have more such policemen, our country would be a better place for sure.

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