A worker that worked with Al Suroor United Group shares his pain

Kundan Srivastava Conversation with Ritesh Kumar Sharma, who had gone to Saudi Arabia with hope for a better future, returned to India after a four-year stint that would haunt him forever. He comes forward to support his colleague “Abdul Sattar Makandar”

A worker that worked with Al Suroor United Group for approx 3.5 years “Ritesh Kumar Sharma” from Bihar unveiling the truth to the World through the Video. After raising voice by “Abdul Sattar Makandar” about Indian workers ill-treated by the Saudi “Al Suroor United Group”, Ritesh was sent back to India. He said.

Ritesh said that workers are being oppressed by the group but, people can’t raise their voice against the cruelty of the group. one man raised the voice against the group, He was “Abdul Sattar Makandar”, the group put the Defamation case against Abdul Sattar Makandar in the Saudi Arabia Court only because to hide its behaviour towards Indian workers.

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Now, Ritesh Kumar Sharma has returned to India a few days ago and met me in Delhi yesterday to unveil the truth and support Karnataka-based driver “Abdul Sattar Makandar” who is stuck in Saudi Arabia, He said, is the witness of all the cruelty, not only this, Abdul was being beaten and abused by the group after the video.

Abdul has nothing to eat, has nothing to survive in Saudi Arabia. His IQAMA (Saudi Local Resident) was seized, He can’t work and can’t be trying to find a job. Now, The Indian Embassy (Riyadh) is also not helping and refused to help. Where’s the Social Justice, and the Government? How Abdul Sattar is going to survive in Saudi Arabia?

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A big challenge for Indian Workers to come back to India alive. Yes! “ALIVE” “ALIVE” & “ALIVE”

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Reetesh Kumar Sharma is happy because he has arrived in India a few days ago. This has been possible only by raising my voice and working for “Abdul Sattar Makandar” Day & Night. Now, I have only GOAL to bring Abdul Sattar Makandar safely to India.

Any employee was found taking a break, the first thing they would do is snatch away our phones. We would also get beaten and abused,” Reetesh said to MAIL TODAY.

Kundan Srivastava, a human rights activist who works closely with troubled Indian workers in Saudi Arabia told Mail Today, “I have been approached by several workers who want to come back but their passport has been taken away. They are denied food and basic necessities. The cruelty has no limit.”

Kundan claims that there is a whole nexus that operates through travel agencies that are given targets to send Indian workers to Gulf countries for labour work.

“There have been cases where the Indian workers were given a certain job profile during their appointment but when they reached they found out it to be completely different from what was promised. Some workers bear the pain thinking of their families in India,” he said to INDIA TODAY.

Kundan Srivastava

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