Saviours turn murderers: A doctor kills the mother of a one day old child

The doctors are considered to be Gods today. But, the doctors are more dangerous when they are not fully knowledgeable. This doctor not only killed a mother, to a one-day-old child, but also a wife, a daughter, a sister and a human. She didn’t take one, but many lives!

Shruti Suvarna, a 23 year and husband Sandeep Suvarna both are working in Landmark company. She died a day before yesterday because of doctors negligence. She was 9 months pregnant and went to Dr. Chaya (Chayalatha) from Gandhi hospital in Udupi, Karnataka for checkup.

Shruti Suvarna

Shruthi Suvarna

Dr. Chaya attended her and initially gave Shruti a pain-killer injection and when Shruti was in labour baby stuck halfway, So Dr. Chaya tried operating the baby out and while operating she cut the blood-nerve.

Shruti started bleeding and inexperienced and Dr. Chaya couldn’t able to stop bleeding and Shruthi died instantly. This is Dr. Chaya’s for the incident and no one taken action against her.

Dr. Chaya is a repeat offender; On 18th April 2015, when Dr. Chayalatha was working for Adarsh Multi Specialty Hospital, Udupi. Read News: Woman dies after delivery, protest held against hospital Death of pregnant woman after delivery sparks protest, Doctor negligence alleged

How can Doctor whom we trust so much to save our life can be so negligent? This what happens when you pay money to become a doctor. Seriously, this system should be stopped and people need to stop being so money greedy, else it’s going to result in your own death one day. May the Almighty God strengthen the family. #RIPShruthi

ABOUT GANDHI HOSPITAL: Health is precious to everyone. You can’t afford to take chances when it comes to caring about your health. Gandhi Hospital, established in 1995, is one of the leading hospitals rendering quality service with global standards, located at Udupi, Karnataka India, the land blessed with the famous Lord Krishna Temple. Gandhi Hospital is efficiently managed by a team of experts in the field of Health Services. Says, Website.

I urge the government of Karnataka that the victim should be helped and the doctor should be punished.

Cc Siddaramaiah, The Chief Minister of Karnataka.


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Kundan Srivastava

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2 Responses

  1. Manish says:

    Please think twice before admitting your beloved one to this hospital. This lady did many negligence in treatment with so many patients which caused their demise. Her misdeed are widespread on social media any one can easily find out. I wonder why no punitive action has been taken against her. People here who supporting her, feel the pain of the family who lost their beloved one. Instead of proving blidly supporting her, justice should be meted out

  2. Della says:

    It’s imepartive that more people make this exact point.

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